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Author Topic: How bored can you be?  (Read 2219 times)

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How bored can you be?
« on: 24.08.2014 01:06:37 »
So I downloaded a Aim map ... This one!

Made it 1 side only. Added the boxes. Then we start shooting ofc!
Image of end score

The thing I noticed is that when I removed the boxes my I attended to get more bodyshots. You get more lazy to aim for those headshots. Also and AWP will only kill the guy behind if you kill the guy in front with a headshot. If its a body shot it will only dmg the guy (This was only tested with armor). Well, hope someone does the same!
Many prob knows this. But there are many who doesn't know it at all

Forgot, you have to select T side. And use the "Bot_qouta" command to get it right ;)
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Re: How bored can you be?
« Reply #1 on: 24.08.2014 06:41:51 »
I am sitting here 5:40 AM, I am bored and there's no one to talk to, I am now working out.

Update: I remembered this one youtube video I saw where a guy would play TF2 and every time he died he'd do 10 pushups. Doing that myself now.

Update #2: Global server lag, TF2 unplayable. Guess everything good got to end.

Update #3: Ended up with a total of 150 after playing some CS:GO, also managed to fall asleep on my bedroom floor.
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