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Author Topic: Rule 16.  (Read 6422 times)

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Re: Rule 16.
« Reply #30 on: 27.08.2014 21:07:39 »
The point of this topic is not explaining how the rule exactly is written in the MOTD, we're asking staff to listen to the first part; 'Be forgiving, everyone makes mistakes.' Because nowadays staff doesn't try to improve their players, but only punishes them. I'd appreciate it if you guys wouldn't slowly get off-topic again.
Well I think it should be up to whomever created the report, since he is the one who have been unfairly treated, and should therfore decide whenever or not the person who broke a rule gets punished. The staff's opinion should only matter related to whenever or not a rulebreak have happend, not releated to if the person should be punished or not.

Omg that's the point, the ADMINS don't listen, they just punish. That's what I said..

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Re: Rule 16.
« Reply #31 on: 27.08.2014 21:28:29 »
Good, then we think alike.

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Re: Rule 16.
« Reply #32 on: 27.08.2014 21:29:20 »
Sometimes you don't even have enough time as admin to handle a report in the right way.
You mostly just check RDM or not and then punish.