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Author Topic: Moderator Application  (Read 1320 times)

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Moderator Application
« on: 08.10.2014 16:52:17 »
-   You need to agree to, and understand our punishment guidelines:
-   You need to have 3 days of play time on the server that you are applying for: i have 3,4 days total
-   If the server you are applying for has a Trusted rank you need to be part of that: ****
-   Write what server you want to apply for in the title: Deathrun
-   Write down your Steam ID in either the start or end of your application: STEAM_0:0:28778944
-   Have a low amount of active warnings: i dont have alot of warnings
-   Use proper grammar, communication is important: i can do that

-   more of me: when im on my computer i play mostly bf4/bf3 and gmod DarkRP and Deathrun and enjoy my time at the servers i play around on, at my free time when im not in school (15 yrs) i drive Dirtbike 250cc and snowmobile at winter 550cc lynx which i love when im not gaming ofcourse

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Re: Moderator Application
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Closed, obviously.