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  • akiz: fine!!!!!!!!!
    18.09.2019 20:14:16
  • Noomie: Akiz how are u doing babe
    11.09.2019 23:03:59
  • Noomie: Me too
    11.09.2019 23:02:18
  • DiivZe: I am DiivZe
    10.09.2019 19:25:02
  • Dr. Deltality: So am I. Surprise!
    08.09.2019 12:10:51
  • Stavik: I'm still alive, thanks for not asking
    07.09.2019 02:27:05
  • akiz: to anyone that checks this forum I have one thing to say - have a nice day
    26.08.2019 17:33:17
  • akiz: Just wanted to say sorry to Junkerd I called him a cunt out of the blue. At that time I did not know what the word meant
    26.08.2019 17:31:05
  • Bluestar: This place is so dead...
    19.08.2019 03:37:20
  • Bluestar: So am i
    01.04.2019 22:24:18
  • Noomie: Im a furry
    31.03.2019 18:37:18
  • SCP-687: On Earth
    30.03.2019 13:18:49
  • Teenystingray75: where is everyone
    24.03.2019 20:32:55
  • SCP-687: Pretty amazed teamspeak is still alive
    23.03.2019 19:34:44
  • Noomie: no u
    17.03.2019 18:00:23
  • Bang: cunts
    16.03.2019 21:52:29
  • Sgt. Mittens: I'm just gonna do my yearly check in
    08.03.2019 03:34:53
  • Bluestar: [link] Watsuda, reminder that this exists.
    26.02.2019 08:47:53
  • Dr. Deltality: fuk u bush
    24.02.2019 17:32:09
  • Bush: This is mine now
    09.02.2019 17:00:36

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